5 least crowded yet beautiful spots in Singapore!!!

Singapore, being the touristic city that it is, is swarmed with tourists throughout the year. With activities and things to do for almost all age groups, attracting 17 million tourists every year, it’s difficult to find less crowded spots to get some time for yourself. There are though, a few places in Singapore, less known to tourists, which you can explore to escape the crowds even on weekends. Here they are:

  1. Secret Spot at Palawan Beach, Sentosa

Sentosa is one of the most crowded places in Singapore, but it does have a few unexplored spots not at all frequented by tourists. One of it is at Palawan Beach. Walk towards the Southern Most point of Continental Asia. Stroll further down towards the sea and watch sunset sitting on the stones overlooking the sea all by yourself. Enjoy the winds gushing to the store or enjoy the sound of the water crashing onto the rocks.


  1. Labrador Park

Main recreational area can get really crowed with locals doing picnic on weekends, but Labrador park does have some spots where you can enjoy your solitude and connect with nature. Take the trail that takes you through the forest and war relics – the one that takes you to the Tunnel and the 6 inch gun area – to avoid crowds. Choose a spot all to yourself, you‘ll surely find many.


  1. Loyang Valley

Imagine long stretches of land with no high rise buildings, farms, cycling on a fine Saturday morning. Yes, Loyang Valley has much more to offer than a spot for pre-wedding photo shoot for couples. Remember to pack your lunch before going there!


  1. Marina Raffles Lighthouse

This light house is near Tuas Link on the pier of Marina Link , over-looking Malaysia. Why we love this place is because it is actually the least crowded beautiful spot in Singapore. There will be literally no tourists here though you can usually find people out fishing or people who own or hire yatchs. Marina Link also offers water sports. You may grab dinner beside the sea on one of the restaurants of the Marina Link Club.


  1. St John’s & Lazarus Island

This would be my favorite pick because of its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Take a ferry early in the morning from marina south pier (only 18 SGD per person). Take the ticket for the hop on hop off ferry between St. John’s and Kusu’s Islands. Pack your lunch as there are no restaurants or shops at the island. I strongly recommend to go to Lazarus Islands from St. John. Both islands are connected by a small pathway with sea on both sides and amazing views. Lazarus Island has a beautiful beach front with crystal clear water where you can also spot some fishes. Sun bath, read a book by the beach or go dive into the water on the least crowded beach of Singapore.


Hope this helps those who are looking to spend a quiet time with themselves or with their loved ones. Do share with us if you know of any other secret unexplored spots in Singapore! 🙂



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