Let’s Go, Rent a GetGo! All you need to know about it!

With the pandemic and all the travel restrictions, car rentals in Singapore are all the more popular. We have been trying multiple services and feel like each one has its own pros and cons. It really depends on what you are looking for and you can choose the rental service accordingly. Once such popular rental is GetGo.

Contrary to other car rentals in SG, you do not need any monthly subscription with it. Like any other car rental company though, getting started with GetGo is easy breezy 🙂 , all you need it your driver’s license. Here’s all you need to know about GetGo.

How to register and start the rental on GetGo?

This is the best part – no monthly subscription, easy registration. Download the App here for Android or iOS. You can either register by filling in a form manually which may take upto 48 hours to get verified OR just register your info under “MyInfo” using your SingPass details and get verified instantly! Yes, INSTANTLY 🙂 ! And, that’s it, you can start renting right away.

With GetGo, there is a fixed start and end location. You have to pick the car from a dedicated GetGo parking and drop it back there. Check out the GetGo car locations on the App. Under “Book a Car” option, key in the location, date, time & duration for your rental preference & a list of available cars will pop up. No cars available – no worries! Just adjust the time by 15 min up and check again. Once booked, you can head over to the dedicated parking slot & unlock the car via your App. Remember to report any damages or dents on the car.

What are the charges & is GetGo worth it?

GetGo charges for the number of hours booked, plus, per kilometer charge based on the distance travelled. There are no season parkings for GetGo other than the start point, hence carry your cash card at all times for parking in other spots. Same applies for the ERP charges. The fuel charges are covered – you can pay at the petrol pumps using a fuel card inside every car.

There are so many cab companies operating in SG along with an excellent public transport network, getting around is a piece of cake. Despite that, it’s worth giving GetGo a try, merely because of the convenience it provides, especially when you have to go long distances or make multiple stops. It is definitely cheaper than any cab services during surge or peak hours.

Can I Cancel or Extend my booking?

If you cancel the car 48 hours before booking, there are zero charges. But, more often than not – we don’t plan a rental 48 hours ahead of time anyway, so cancellation comes with additional charge. You would have to shell out first hour charge + 20% of the remaining duration, if you cancel upto 1 hour before your rental starts. In the last one hour of your rental, cancellation charges will amount to first hour charge + 50% of the remaining duration.

You can extend the car booking upto 1 hour while your rental is ongoing, unless some other consumer has booked the car after that. The late return charges are SGD 50 :O per hour – hence we recommend to always cater for extra 15 or 30 minutes in your initial booking itself. GetGo does offers a 10 min grace period in case you are running late – no additional late fees will be charged if you return the car within 10 min after the end of your rental.

What’s Inside a GetGo Car?

Plenty of room, decent cleanliness! You would have to carry your own baby car seats (if needed) and cash card. There will be a fuel card in case you need to refuel the car – no worries, the charges are on the company 🙂 . You can not choose the car model you would like to rent, it’s based on what’s available at the start location – most of our rentals through GetGo were Tivoli.

That’s all you need to know to get started with GetGo rentals! Rented it before ? Share your experiences with us in the comments section! 🙂

*This article is not a paid promotion, all information is valid at the time of writing the article!

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