Sungei Buloh, Singapore : Crocodiles, snakes & many more wildlife encounters!

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts! 202 hectares of diverse flora and fauna, mangrove forest patches and beautiful Instagram-able photo backdrops. It’s true – you can go crocodile-watching here. In fact, it is the only spot in Singapore where you see crocodiles in their natural habitat with no barriers and barbed wires between you and them. 😀 The park makes for a perfect half a day outing and when we were there we saw crocodile babies, snakes, spiders and other wildlife up close.

Here’s all you need to know about the Reserve.

When & how to get here:

The reserve is open from 7 am to 7 pm everyday. The SMRT bus stop is within 300m of the visiting center, however there is no MRT station nearby. You will have to take the bus number 925 from Woodlands MRT if using public transport. A dedicated bus Kranji Countryside Express also runs from the Kranji MRT to various popular places to see in the area, reserve being one of the stops. Most convenient option is to take a cab anyway.

Quick link to location of the visiting center

Tip: You may want to avoid the lazy afternoon hours, crocs could be as lazy as humans and just hiding away from the tropical sun.

What to pack with you : Some snacks and lots of water – it could be a bit hot in the day. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen as there are a lot of uncovered areas on coastal walk. You must have an Insect repellent on in case you would like to venture on some -off the beaten path- little trails into the reserve.

Things to do in the Reserve:

  1. Experience the wild side of Singapore: Needless to say, this reserve is the only one in Singapore that takes you up close to Crocodiles. Other wildlife include mudskippers, spiders, snakes, birds and many more native creatures. These animals are camouflaged in their natural habitat, which can be all the more exciting to spot. When we were there, we saw two adult crocs swimming through the reservoir. One baby was along the reservoir side and one just cooling off in a stream at the end of the Coastal Trail. We saw a snake hissing away from a tree branch to the ground. Do note that they don’t really attack humans unless provoked, so maintain a fair distance from the animals.

2. Go bird watching: Oh, is it a heaven for the bird watchers or not! There are special workshops and guided walks to watch the migratory birds that are seasonal from September to March. The resident birds include kingfishers, herons and many more.

3. Explore the 4 trails and take free guided tours: There are different trails packed with different experiences and sights : Coastal, Forest, Mid Canopy and Migratory Bird Trail. If we were to pick for you – the coastal trail was the best as we saw the crocodiles while walking along the reservoir. There is only the Johor Strait with crocodiles between the coastal trail and Malaysia. Check out more details on what the trails have to offer and trail maps here. You can choose to walk along the experts to know more about the reserve and its flora and fauna for FREE! Check out the upcoming walks and register in advance here.

4. Picnic at Sungei Buloh: You can’t eat or drink within the reserve, but right at the Visiting center there is a covered area, where you can take your picnic baskets and mats and enjoy the greens around while you spend some quality time with your near and dear ones.

5. Check out the Kranji area: Done spotting the crocodiles? Check out other popular spots in the area. Kranji war memorial is dedicated to the people who fought against the Japanese Invasion in World War 2. Kranji Countryside is full of local farms and farmer’s market where visitors can buy local produce. One of the popular farms and restaurant is Bollywood Veggies. Take the Kranji Countryside Express bus at Kranji MRT with stops at various attractions in the area.  

Have you been to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve? Let us know you experience in the comments section! Happy exploring? 🙂

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