9 Must know “Don’ts” for your next trip to Singapore!

Singapore is a beautiful multicultural tropical magnet attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from all parts of the world. From futuristic and iconic cityscape to the greens and Nature parks, this city is an experience in itself.

As much of a warm welcoming city it is, Singapore has a reputation of being the “Fine” city, with its strict laws and regulations against things that can be pretty normal in other countries. This little red dot clearly fulfills both the definitions of the word “fine” in true sense :

Source : Definitions from Oxford Languages 
Source : Definitions from Oxford Languages 

Not been to Singapore before? Here’s all the basic rules and regulations you need to know when traveling around this country.

  1. Don’t get Chewing Gums with you! FINE : SGD 500-1000 on first offence

This one is quite well known internationally. It’s not illegal to eat a chewing gum in Singapore but you can’t import or sell it. As per the Regulation of Imports and Exports, you are not allowed to get chewing gum into this country. This regulation was passed when there was increased vandalization of properties, public places, lifts etc in the 90s.

2. Don’t fly drones in areas not permitted. FINE : Up to SGD 50000

Singapore has strict laws for leisure drone flying. Check them out here. It’s completely restricted in residential areas, above private property and in airport vicinity. However, in CBD or other drone approved zones, it is allowed only upto 60 m high. A permit is required if you would like to fly your drone higher.

3. Don’t take Durian on public transport! FINE : Upto SGD 500

Durian lovers do not take it on public transport in Singapore. Durian, the king of fruits in Southeast Asia, is banned on public transport in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s no doubt an acquired taste & you should try it at least once on your trip! The ban is due to the overwhelming smell. If you do try one, we bet you would have a love hate relationship with it- You either hate it or love it 😀 !

4. Don’t eat while you commute on public transport! FINE : Upto SGD 500

Hungry or thirsty on your train or bus ride? Wait until you reach the next stop and out of the public transport, or else you will be fined. This Act was established in late 1980s and is deemed as a breach of regulations in Singapore.

5. Don’t forget to flush the toilet! FINE : SGD 150-1000

Heard about this one? If for a totally weird reason you haven’t flushed a public toilet after using it and for a weirder reason get caught by an official (who may be noticing you while doing your business – we do find it absolutely bizarre), you will be fined up to SGD 1000. Well, not just for the fine but for hygiene, do flush while using public toilets.

6. Don’t feed wildlife! FINE : SGD 500 onwards

This country is exceptional in preserving its natural ecosystem. No wonder there are so many beautiful nature parks with bustling flora and fauna. That being said, you can be fined if you are seen feeding any wildlife including birds, monkeys, otters and many others. So unless you visit a zoo and attend a feeding session, do not give food to any wildlife here.

7. Don’t litter! FINE : Up to SGD 1000

Oh well, this one should be pretty obvious. Over the years, Singapore has earned a reputation of being a clean and green city and littering around can definitely result in a hefty fine. Despite a law like this, a lot of tourist did share that it was difficult to find a garbage bin easily in this country. Remember to clean after your dog poops, in case you are walking one! By the way, rummaging through garbage is also prohibited.

8. Don’t get spotted Naked! FINE : Up to SGD 2000

So, even if you are at your apartment, don’t walk around all stripped out if someone can see you! If your neighbors complain, you may be slapped a fine of up to SGD 2000. So next time, just make sure the curtains are down 😉 .

9. Don’t smoke anywhere and everywhere! FINE : SGD 200-1000

According to National Environment Agency, Singapore, you can be fined up to SGD 1000, if caught smoking in prohibited areas such as certain public open spaces, staircases, void decks etc. It is not allowed to smoke in some nature parks and beaches as well. Make sure you look for a designated smoking area before lighting one.

Know any other rule we missed out? Leave it in the comment! Happy travels! 🙂

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