Escape the crowd at these ‘peaceful’ spots in Singapore!

Want to get lost into some peaceful spots to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle? Singapore is committed to its “garden city” vision, first introduced in 1967, to transform it into a lush green and clean city. There are some amazing nature parks and seaside boardwalks nestled minutes away from the urban and futuristic buildings! We’ve been here for some time now and still come across amazing places to visit on the ‘red little dot’ island, every now and then 🙂 . Here are some of our favorite spots :

1. Changi Boardwalk, also known as, Changi Point Coastal Walk

Stretched across 2.2Km, Changi Boardwalk has 6 scenic routes offering amazing panoramic views of the sea and a dreamy coastline. This hidden gem has one of the most magical sunset views in Singapore – take the sunset walk to get mesmerised by the golden light in the dusk hours as it’s the farthest to the west! Although Changi Board Walk is at the eastern most point of Singapore, hence sunrises should be equally beautiful ❤ ! All six walks take through different experiences – muddy walkways, the beach and rocks, with cliffs on one side and sea on the other.

P.S. : It gets a little eerie past sunset, maybe because of its proximity to the old Changi Hospital, so you may want to avoid staying there through the night 😉 unless you are a braveheart.

How to reach there ? Get to the Tampines MRT via Green or Blue Line and take bus number 29. Alight at Aft Old Pier Road and walk for 400 m to reach the West side of the boardwalk.

Address : 7A Gosport Rd, Singapore 509710 ; Open 24 hours, daily

2. Labrador Park Nature Reserve

Rustic war relics, forest trails and nature growing all over and around it – best describes this 22 hectare nature park. With light dancing through slits beautifully in the overall dark and contrasting background and with close to no tourist and not much locals around, this place is the one of the best for photoshoots. The trails are serene and less crowded. Once you explore the forestry cliffs, head to the coastal walk for stunning panoramic views of the seas or picnic in one of the green patches overlooking the sea on one side and cliffs and lush green forests on the other.

How to reach there ? Close proximity to the MRT makes it very accessible. Get to the Labrador Park MRT via Circle Line and walk for 500 m to get to the entrance of the park.

Address: Labrador Villa Rd, Singapore 119187 ; Open 7am-7pm, daily

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3. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Find eternal peace amidst chaos! One moment you will be swarmed into the China town crowds and traffic right outside, another moment you will be in blissful peace as you enter this serene 4 storey Tang Dynasty architectural style temple complex that was opened in 2007. The tooth relic from a Myanmar Stupa is beautifully decorated and displayed at level 4. It is one of the best places in Singapore to meditate or just sit in silence and make peace with yourself. Do respect the sanctity of the temples and wear the appropriate attire. Check out the temple website if you wish to attend some ceremonies.

How to get there? Get to the Chinatown MRT via Blue or Purple Line and walk for 300 m to get to the entrance of the temple. If taking Green line, alight at Outram Park or Tanjong Pagar MRT and walk for 700 m.

Address : 288 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058840 , Open 9am-5pm, daily

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4. Coney Island:

Though a popular spot for cycling, Coney Island also have very secluded cast-away like white sand beach – with no crowds at all, such that you can have some stretches of the beach all to yourself. You may not be able to enter the water, it was littered and dirty, the park has some rustic and rugged terrains popular among cyclists, full of diverse flora and fauna.

How to get there? For this park, we recommend taking a cab to the entrance. It is a bit of a walk from there. If you do not mind walking, head to Punggol interchange and take a but to the Punggol Promenade Nature walk and head to either East or West entrances of the park.

Address: Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, 829325, Open 7am-7pm daily

5. Breakwater @ Marina East, near Marina Barrage

If you are looking for best sunrise spots in Singapore, Marina Barrage is the place to go. For best view point, head towards east, crossing the bridge with picturesque views of bay and Singapore skyline on one side and azure blue sea waters on the other. Sit alongside the breakwaters and promenade and simply admire the dramatic colours on the skies and the seas at the break of dawn. Get lost in the peaceful sound of waves crashing onto the rock. After watching the sunrise, plan a full day of fun activities like Kite flying, picnic, drone flying (within regulations 😛 ) , cycling and much more at the Marina Barrage area.

How to get there? Alight at Bayfront MRT via Circle/Blue Line or at Marina South Pier MRT on Red Line and walk towards Marina Barrage.

Address: Marina E Dr , Singapore , Open 24 hours, daily

Which is your favourite ‘zen’ spot in Singapore?

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