Renting a car in Singapore? Here’s all you need to know about BlueSG!

Want to rent a car in Singapore? It is easier than ever now. Zero deposits, minimal rental, zero maintenance – given all of this, is it a more viable or cheaper option than other taxi or rental services? BlueSG was launched in 2017 as EV rental service in Singapore – a subsidiary of Bolloré Group with 500+ tiny little Blue SG EV’s and 250+ charging stations islandwide! We rented one, absolutely loved the experience ❤ and extended our membership multiple times 😀 ! Here’s all you need to know before renting a BlueSG car :

How to book BlueSG rental Car in 5 simple steps?

Step 1 : To rent a car, you need to have a verified account with BlueSG. All you need to do is to upload the driver’s license and NRIC/FIN. The relevant team would scan through your profile, verify it within 24-72 hours and confirm that your account has been validated.

Step 2 : Choose from the subscription options : Basic/Premium. For starters, if you would be renting the car only for weekends we recommend the Basic Plan, which is S$8* per month, ride charge S$0.36$ per minute, with no commitment to pay for a certain months – you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime! For new members, the S$8 charge is waived off the first month- check out the deals here.

Step 3 : Download the BlueSG App and book the car at the nearest BlueSG station. For starting the rental at the station, you will need a CEPAS/EzLink card. Tap the card and a car will be assigned to you!

Step 4 : Remove the charging plug and check for any dents on the car. Do take a picture of any noticeable dents before you begin your ride!

Step 5 : Get into the car, fasten your seatbelts, start the navigation and hit the road 🙂 ! In case you need anything, the customer service is amazing. You can dial from within the car and they’ll pick up within seconds .

Is BlueSG rental worth it?

On comparing the prices with other competitive taxi services in Singapore like Grab, Gojek and Comfort Delgro, there are upsides to renting BlueSG if there is surge pricing ongoing as BlueSG has a fixed price irrespective of surge. Only that there could be a S$1 reservation charge for the stations filling up fast – highly recommended to pay that extra dollar to book the parking spot. For long distances, like Jurong to ECP, the rental is comparable to taxi sometimes, but more often than not it is way lesser. For short distances, if the convenience of hiring a cab and prices are comparable, why not just hire a cab instead, unless you love to drive! BlueSG can be ‘not worth it’ if your Google Maps App is showing too much traffic :D! There charge for the car is by minute & not KMs.

How long does the BlueSG car Battery Last?

BlueSG is meant for short distance rentals, though on full charge it can yield an average ride of upto 250 KM. It will prompt the user to return to the nearest charging station once the battery hits 30%. DON’T PANIC, the 30% is way more than sufficient for you to reach there.

Can you park BlueSG car anywhere?

Once you start the rental, you will only be able to park at the dedicated BlueSG parking station. Check for the charging stations on the BlueSG App. We highly recommend to reserve the parking spot in case they are filling up fast. Hot parking stations will have a S$1 charge – it’s worth paying the extra dollar to avoid any parking hassles.

What’s Inside?

Room for 4, no baby seat! The navigation system definitely needs improvement. You may want to keep Google Maps handy on your phone, there is a phone holder right above the steering wheel on the windscreen. No durians and no smoking inside the car 🙂 ! There is a USB port available to connect your phone – with no audio connection to the car speakers though (only radio available). BlueSG cars are decently clean. However, given the current COVID situation, it’s always good to give a wipe to the interiors before you hop on and ride away!

How to cancel the BlueSG subscription?

For the package with no commitment(Basic), the cancellation can be done anytime, but it takes 24-48 hours for cancellation to go through. So, if you are planning to cancel after the month’s subscription get over, cancel it on the 27th or 28th day of the monthly subscription cycle, to avoid charges for the next month!

It’s as simple as that! Enjoy your next ride in the BLUE car 🙂 !

Rented it before ? Share your experiences with us in the comments section!

*This article is not a paid promotion, all information is valid at the time of writing the article!

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