Quick guide to Travelling to Singapore with no quarantine (via VTL) – Plan your trip in 6 steps!

Yay! The borders are finally open and if you are travelling from some country on this list to Singapore, then don’t think twice – as VTL(Vaccinated Travel Lane) flights offer an option of no quarantine at all!

Two jabs of valid vaccination doses and you are eligible to travel on VTL flights. The guidelines may change often, refer to the latest one here. The entire process of travelling and getting the relevant documents ready can be a little intimidating, Here’s how you will be good to go in six steps:

1. Check for VTL flights only

Limited airlines have specific VTL flights from/to Singapore , hence while booking look for the flights with VTL label. You may have to plan your travel based on flight availability(they may run on limited dates) and surge prices(the nearer the travel date higher the price). Generally, due to the no quarantine rules VTL flights are more expensive than the non-VTL flights.

Quick tip: Choose the flight that fits your travel timeline and budget, but don’t book just yet! Get your VTL pass and before locking the flight.

2. Get your VTL pass

Register your vaccination status on your country’s official website mentioned here. Do ensure that your passport number is mentioned correctly on your vaccination certificate status. Save the certificate. Quick tip: There are loads of documents you need to keep ready, Keep storing them in a folder or in one place for reference 🙂 .

Once done, you are good to apply for your VTL pass. The portal will have limited dates open and you will be given a grace period of 6 days in which you can enter Singapore on that pass. Hence, choose the dates nearer and around the flights you were eyeing to book earlier. Fill the form here and upload your vaccination status. Once submitted, you should get the pass in less than a minute on your email ID provided during submission. For travellers from India specifically, you may sometimes find it difficult to upload the QR code, try 2-3 times and it will be successful.

3. Get your visa

Once the VTP pass is approved, it’s time to get the visa(in case your nationality needs one to travel to Singapore). Apply yourself, get an agent or get someone in SIngapore to do it for you. For Indian nationals, the visa processing time could be 1-5 days usually depending on how you apply. But do apply in time 🙂 .

4. Get the flight tickets

Once you have the VTL pass and Visa in hand, you are all set to book your flight tickets! These are uncertain times and rules may change any time. To avoid any hassle if your itinerary changes, book the ones that allow rescheduling or cancellation at a small fee.

5. Get your covid insurance

Travelling to Singapore requires you to have a covid insurance of minimum 30,000 SGD coverage. There are official partners that provide such coverage for as Low as around 50 SGD for 20+ days of stay. Check out the list of official partners here.

6. Prepare the following 72 hours prior to arrival in Singapore

Almost done! Here’s the last mile :

1. Stay negative – on your RT-PCR test of course! Get your RT-PCR test done from a pre-approved lab <link> within 48 hours before your travel. Keep the report handy to show at the time of arrival.

2. Sign up on Safe Travel Concierge and Book your on arrival RT-PCR online in advance here to avoid any delays while exiting Singapore Changi Airport. Keep the receipt handy!

3. Fill out the online health declaration form. Singapore has replaced the white immigration declaration physical card to online form.

4. Download the TraceTogether App on your phone. It’s an App used in Singapore for contact tracing and vaccination status tracking – you will need to check in any where and every where with it while exploring this island.

Remember : You need to take a taxi or private car (no public transport allowed) to reach your self isolation venue until your Changi Airport RT-PCR is negative.

And, all done! The process can be very intimidating but you don’t need to pay extra bucks to a travel agent for your next trip to SG!

Caution : This article is valid as of the date of publishing. The rules do keep changing every now and then. So checkout the official guidelines here as well!

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