The hype about world’s first Apple floating store!


Apple’s Marina Bay Store is coming soon! It is the first floating, 3rd in Singapore and 512th Apple store in the world. Its opening date has not been announced yet. The store is sitting, or “floating” right beside the glamorous Louis Vuitton and the quintessential Shoppes, gazing at the sparkling towers of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Singapore’s CBD!


The spherical structure is rumoured to have a window on the top for the light to pass through during daytime – seeming like another architecturally iconic design element. Some have compared it to a “lantern floating on water”.  Time will tell what Apple wishes it to represent!


Did you know? This floating futuristic ball was once a 17000 sq ft colorful, classy and sensual Night Club ”Avalon” in the heart of the bay area, which closed down in 2016!

The company has always delivered excellent customer experience for big bucks and has advertised this store as “a place to capture your ideas and passions” and “a space for you to explore, connect and create something new” – leaving its fans excited about the creativity and imagination Apple might have put into the orb!

By day it looks like a futuristic spaceship and at night is glowing with colours all over it, this dome like structure stands out on the perfect backdrop of the skyline at Marina Bay. Though the walls are full of glossy reflective stickers for now – with the fans wondering if these would come off on the launch day – could be Apple leaving a pinch of surprise as always! At the moment, both entrances are cordoned off with giant White Apple style boxes.


While other tech players are struggling through this pandemic, Apple has revealed a rising revenue of $59.7B and profit of $11.25B in Q3 2020 (compared to $53.8B revenue in Q3 last year) showcasing its resilience in the toughest market conditions and economic crisis. Apple Board of directors recently announced a four-for-one stock split while its stock prices are at its highest ever.

Leaving numbers aside for now, this spot has a potential of becoming one of the Insta-famous backdrops on this island-country! Not much details have been revealed by Apple yet, we did find a video teaser on the Apple official website.

Have you been to the Apple Marina Bay store? Let us know what you feel about the spot in the comments!

Have you been to the Apple Marina Bay store? Let us know what you feel about the spot in the comments!

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