Greens in Singapore: Top 5 photoshoot locations!

Top places for Photoshoot in Singapore with Nature and Greens as backdrop! ❤


Singapore has amazing locations for photoshoots all over the island. If the theme for your shoot is nature and green backgrounds, then here are our picks on the most beautiful places where you can get your photoshoot done. It will be a good idea to plan your sessions during the golden hours (sunset or sunrise) for perfect lighting. Sunrise will be better as crowds are less during those hours.


To stand out in the photos, clothing colours and props could create magic. If you are planning to do the shoot by yourself, check out our post here on a few quick tips and tricks you could use. Singapore weather can be really moody and rainy if not sunny. Do check the weather in advance for the day you are planning the shoot.


Let’s dive into our favourite spots for photoshoot in this beautiful country:

  1. Botanic Gardens:


This UNESCO Heritage site has some of the most beautiful backdrops you could use from. The place is huge and would need a little bit of patience for you to walk around and find the perfect backdrop. So we recommend checking out their website here for a few locations or reach out to us if you need recommendations. It is very popular amongst locals and tourists and can get very crowded. So plan the Sunrise Golden Hour for your shoot to avoid photobombers in your perfect shot.


2. Labrador Park:


With rustic war memorials and nature growing all over it, with light coming in through slits in the overall dark and contrasting background and with close to no tourist and even much locals around, this place is the one of the best for shoots! More often than not, we are tired of waiting for people to pass by and move out of our frame and this place solves that easily. There are seldom any people around and the place is serene.  And that’s the reason why we did our shoot here.


Rather than walking along the sea side, you can actually hike into the park to more secluded and green rustic locations for the perfect pictures! Check out the video from our shoot here.

3. MacRitchie Reservoir:


Singapore has almost 45% of green cover and thus amazing photography spots with nature. With sun peaking through the trail early in the morning, MacRitchie reservoir makes for some of the most spectacular views. Mirror like reflective lakes, wooden boardwalks and abundant forests gives a fairy tale like backdrop. Again, it’s best to go way early in the morning to avoid crowds.


4. Fort Canning :


Have you seen this spot in the picture above that is going viral on Instagram? This one’s favorite among Singapore’s pre-wedding photographers. The well preserved heritage and ancient artifacts blending in with the greens of this national park truly creates some of the most iconic shots.


The park is right in the middle of the city and is a quick escape to nature for a perfect picture! Head to the entrance near Dhoby Ghaut MRT station to reach directly near these stairs. Heads up: this is a considerably popular spot and there might be queues on weekends.


5. Gardens by the bay:


This one is pretty, ever changing with seasonal flowers and most colorful and scenic when it comes to photoshoot spots.


Though Cloud Forest and Flower Dome can get a bit busy and crowded as it is one of the popular touristy places, but overall this place has many other spots where you can capture CBD, Marina Bay and the Singapore Flyer in the backdrop to get the best pictures. The super-grove trees will look equally beautiful as well.


Other picture perfect green spots are : Lalang fields, Tuas fields, ECP boardwalk, the greens in Sentosa and Coney Island & many more.

Lalang Fields!

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