Paris, France : Top things to do!

Paris – the ‘City of Love ❤ ‘, the beautiful, vibrant and energetic French capital is definitely the bucket list destination for almost all the dreamy, chick flick, Hollywood romantic movie fans (including me !). Every corner has a little bit of history and with a tinge of modern-ness attached to it. The European architecture, latest fashion, designer labels, boutique stores, vintage stores, historical buildings, friendly people, amazing food, delicious desserts (especially the Macaroons 🙂 ), Paris has it all. Here’s all you need to know to make the most of your stay in this beautiful city. 


How to get here & Getting around:

Fly into the Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport, the second busiest airport in Europe with many international flights flying into Paris everyday from all major cities in the world.

Best part about traveling around Europe is its amazingly well connected train network. Of course, the add on is the scenic train journey itself. If you are on budget travelling around this continent with Paris as just one of the stops, take the train to Paris from almost all nearby cities/countries. Book online in advance on websites like Trainline or

Once in Paris, you have various convenient options to go around – subway, public buses, taxis, water taxis or even rented bikes. You can buy Metro/train or city bus passes to go around the city, perhaps the best way to go around the city. The network is divided into zones and you would need to buy a Paris Visite Card (for visitors). The most common one covers zones-1, 2 and 3. You can buy the pass online or at any train station. More information is available here. Cabs are available as well, but is a little pricey option. Download and configure your Uber App, to book cabs online.



Detailed guidelines for application for France Visa is available here. If you are familiar with the Visa system in Europe, France falls under the countries that allow the Schengen Visa – you can visit many countries on the same visa. You will need to apply the visa for the port of entry in Europe. Passports of Countries with no Schengen visa required are here.


Paris has a lot of beautiful hotels in suburbs and definitely one of the more cheaper ones. But, if you are travelling for a short while like 2-3 days, we strongly recommend taking a hotel near the city centre, so that it is easier to travel around the popular spots =) . Stay in the city center and savor the beautiful sunsets with Eiffel Tower in the background. Oh, what a sight!

A word of caution: do take care of your belongings while you are busy exploring and admiring the beautiful sights in this city!


Top Must visit places in Paris:

If you are in Paris for a weekend or short stay, we have picked our favourite 5 things to do in this City of Love <3:

 1. Eiffel Tower (Average time spent: ~3-4 hours):

Needless to say, no Paris trip will be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower. This 324 m 19th century iconic historical tower glitters up in sparkly twinkling lights every hour in the evening and is such a beautiful sight. If you are around the city centre, you can see the Eiffel from anywhere and everywhere . There are only low rises in the area. We highly recommend buying a ticket and enjoying the 360 degree views of the city and Siene River from up the tower. It may be closed sometimes or may have restricted access, depending on weather. To avoid long queues ( with literally 2-3 hours of wait time during peak visiting hours :/ ), book the tickets online in advance. More information here .

Closest Train Station: Pont de l’Alma/Champ de Mars Eiffel Tower


2. Louvre Museum or Musee de Louvre (Average time spent: ~ 6 – 9 hours or more if you are an art buff):


Louvre is the largest museum in the world and houses one of the most famous and iconic art pieces by greatest artists the world history has ever seen including the very famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. If you are an art fanatic but have less time on your hands to explore this place, you may want to shortlist the locations/sections you would like to visit. Maps are available at the entrance. There are multiple day passes available as well. A Palace before being converted to Museum,  the walls and ceilings are beautifully decorated with murals and European style frescos. There are guided tours(audio guides are available at cheaper prices).

Closest Train Station: Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre

3. Arc De Triomphe and nearby areas (Average time spent: ~ 3-4 hours):

An iconic monument commemorating Napoleon’s victories, Arc de triomphe is an intersection of  12 roads. Lined with big brands, amazing restaurants and little French cafes and bakeries, the streets around the Arc will make you fall in love with Paris. Take in all the beauty and glamor of this city while walking along the roads leading to Arch de Triomphe. You need to reserve in advance if you would like to eat at fancy, celebrity chef restaurants.

Closest Train Station: Argentine/Kleber/George V


 4. Versailles Palace  (Average time spent: ~ 2-3 hours ):

Want to get a feel of how luxuriously the European kings and queens of Paris lived? Head over to the Versailles Palace. Check out – Intricately decorated halls , magnificent chandeliers, magically beautiful carpets and exquisite pieces from royal wardrobe on display.

Closest Train Station: Versailles Château Rive Gauche

5. Moulin Rouge  (Average time spent: ~ 3-4 hours ):

There is much more to Paris than just Eiffel Tower. Head over to Moulin Rouge for a carberet show. There are eateries and bars lined on both sides of the road. This is one of the places where you can enjoy the sleezy night life of Paris.

Closest Train Station: Blanche


6. Sacre-Coeur – Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Average time spent: ~ 3-4 hours ):

Built right on a hill top, this basilica has one of the most amazing views of the entire city. And, just like any other European church, it is beautiful inside. Very lively, the entire area is full of street artist performances. Enjoy a gelato while sitting on the steps of the basilica and soaking in the energy and view. Shop at the little Parisian boutiques on the streets right beside the church, or stop by to buy some souvenirs to take back home.

Closest Train Station: Abbesses/Anvers( walk via Anvers is recommended 🙂 )


Been to Paris before ? Let us know if we missed out on any must visit spot in the comment section. Meanwhile, happy travels! 🙂

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