13 unique travel gift ideas under 30$!

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Gifting on a budget? Check out our picks on some unique and popular travel gifts that are trending the most recently. Some cost less than $10! All products are super easy on your pockets and will definitely put a big smile on the faces of the travel maniacs you hangout with 🙂 !

**Links in this article are valid as of at the time of publishing this article. If you search online by name, you can find these on various online websites and local stores as well**

1. Scratch Map :

We love this one! ❤ . More of a decor and wall art, the concept of this map is you can scratch off places that you visit. Due to its rising popularity, it is now available in various versions. For example, one of them comes with landmarks of various Wonders of the World which are on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast – Golden Gate, London Eye, Big Ben and more. Others may be with the countries represented in the colors of its flag.  If you don’t like the one with the funky black background, try the one with classy white background. It’s absolutely cool too.

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2. Travel Scrapbook:

A true traveller loves to collect memories and what better gift than an awesome DIY travel scrapbook to record all the special moments from your little adventures. We specially love this leather vintage style one with the world map on it and customizable pages!

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3. Perfume Atomizer :

This one’s perfect for light packers not wanting to carry their entire 100+ ML favorite fragrance on their trip. Choose from a range of chic empty perfume atomizers with easy refill meant specifically for travel or even otherwise. You can customize with a beautiful name or quote engraved to make them more unique at a local store if you’d like 🙂 ! Here are a few: 8ML Travel Perfume Atomizer, 12-15 ML H&D Vintage Refillable Perfume Bottles.

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4. Personalized Travel Cups :

Beautiful, scratch-free, personalized travel cups, do make for a perfect gift – not just for travels but for everyday use too! Check out this one with 10+ colors to choose from and  numerous stylish fonts as well. And, what’s more? The engraving is free and fully customizable. These stainless steel cups are meant for both hot or cold liquids, insulated and come in all sizes.

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5. Travel Bag Tags :

One tag fits all bags! Gift your loved ones beautiful customized travel bag tags. Or if you know the cutest travel couple, we recommend going for a more classy wooden luggage tag! Some funkier options are available as well. Just a little something to remember you by on their travels.

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6. Tile Mate Tracker :

This small tile works wonders! When on travels, prevent any lost items or thefts by hiding this small device in backpacks or purses. If your friends tend to lose belongings like keys all the time (Not judging! We all lose things once in a while), tie it on keys and other stuff to track them easily. There’s a Tile community as well 🙂 . If something that is  lost is far away, people using the Tile App can direct you to the actual location!

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7. Subscriptions Please! :

Based on personal experience, travel enthusiasts love exploring and reading more about the beautiful places they are going to visit, dream to visit, or have visited before. Reading more about travel is like a drug – yes! And your friends would love you much more than ever when they receive an amazing one year subscription of their favorite travel  magazines from you. What’s best? The kindle yearly subscriptions are much cheaper – some less than $10 annually. Check out our top picks on travel magazines here: Conde Nast Traveller , Travel+Leisure, Signature Luxury Travel & Style, Lonely Planet, Food & Travel.

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8. Travel Books :

Fellow travelers absolutely love travel stories! Gifting some awesome travel books is a perfect gift for your nerdy travel friends. To give them company on their next long flight or just to remember you by on their next trip. And again, in this digital age, you have options to buy a cheaper audiobook or kindle version if not the hard copy. The Alchemist, The Art of travel or Travels: Collected Writings!

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9. Cute Travel Accessories :

Alright! We agree that for females, there are more options than for males in this category. How about a cute little bracelet with dangles on it like a globe, little cute airplanes, chimes, little hearts and more. There are beautiful pendants out there with world maps, little lucky charms and more. Quick Tip: Do buy accessories in Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel, they will definitely last longer. Check out the cool bracelets and necklaces here.

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10. Infinity Scarfs :

A trendy scarf with secret pockets to keep all belongings like passport, credit cards and even a small wallet. All within your budget! Check out what we are talking about right here : Infinity scarf loop , Pattern Print lightweight wrap , Three in 1 – Secret pockets & Inflatable Pillow.

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11. Travel themed laptop cases and keyboard covers :

There are so many beautiful customizable and protective travel themed laptop cases out there. They come with artistic, easy to apply and remove keyboard covers as well. If your travel buddy is obsessed with the world wap, how about these white or blue covers? For something more creative and artistic, check out hard shells like these.

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12. Personal Water Filters : 

For your hiker friends, this one will make complete sense. It is more of a necessity than just a small gift. Check out the one from LifeStraw, which tops our list because of its portability, ultra lightweight and good reviews.Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 3.26.17 PM.png

13. Gift Cards :

Some gift cards can be purchased at prices as low as $30, such as this AirBnB gift card. Just a little additional fund added on to their stays for the next trip. There are other options as well – travel gift cash cards and gift vouchers with tour agencies – easily available online.

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Agree with our list? Do share with us any other gift options we might have missed out !



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