6 Questions with … Marisa!


Meet Marisa Meddin, an inspiring career and mindset coach and a full-time traveler (been to 53 countries and counting 🙂 ), helping out people to achieve their goals and coaching them to figure out “how to make a living while traveling around all the time”! ❤ Marisa had worked alongside famous Hollywood celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Snoop Dogg before quitting her 9 to 5 job and following her dreams! We asked Marisa 6 questions to find out more about her life and her #whypower.

1. Who is @mlmeddin?

“Marisa Meddin is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker and certified coach, where she helps individuals who are stuck in jobs that they don’t love, discover how to make a full-time income while traveling the world. Prior to coaching and living a nomadic lifestyle, Marisa managed marketing campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world while working at PepsiCo, splitting her time between NYC and LA, and working alongside celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Snoop Dogg. She now travels the world full-time (53+ countries) while running her online business, coaching individuals & speaking at international events, and loves to explore beautiful landscapes and sunny beaches all over the globe!”

2. When did you get the feeling that it was time to quit your 9-5 job?

“About 2 years before I actually quit! In 2014, while on vacation with my boyfriend on a beach in Hawaii, I read the 4 Hour Work Week. This was the pivotal moment where I realized I could live a life being my own boss and making a full-time living while working from anywhere in the world. I had the travel bug, and knew I’d never see as many countries and places as I wanted with the limited vacation days offered with my 9-5 job. But it wasn’t until 2016 when I left my relationship that I began to re-think the other parts of my life as well. At this time, I quit my job, moved back to my hometown, and started a business. In 2017, after I confidently began making revenue in my business, I began traveling the world while working from my laptop and haven’t looked back! I’ve now traveled to over 53 countries, and love that I can experience the world while still earning an income.”

3. What is your #whypower to embark on this journey?

“Freedom. Freedom to be in any location I want at any given time. Freedom to work whenever and however I want. Freedom to explore work that I truly love. Freedom to see the world. Freedom to meet new people. And freedom to feel joy, and help others experience the same.”

4. What is the thing you love most about your life as a full-time traveler?

“I love that I have the freedom to see more of the world than I ever would have otherwise! As a result, I’ve met so many people from all different cultures, backgrounds, races and ideologies, and feel that I’m more empathetic and understanding of all types of people. In addition, traveling continues to keep pushing me outside of my comfort zone, giving me the the privilege to learn even more about myself and my own strengths, capabilities and flaws, and feel more fulfilled than I ever have before!”

5. What is your life mantra?

“The goal isn’t to find something that will make you money. It’s to do what you love, and find a way to make money doing that.”

6. How does a typical day as @mlmeddin look like?

“I’m usually waking up in a foreign country, where I get up early, meditate and then do some type of work out. After breakfast, I spend 5-6 hours working — growing my online course in the morning, and doing coaching phone calls in the afternoon, where I help my clients figure out what work they find fulfilling, and figure out how to start their own businesses so they can travel the world full-time as well. After work, I often go on a walk to explore my surrounding neighborhood or nearby nature, eat dinner, work a bit more, and then catch up with friends back home and around the world before going to bed. My best days are days where I am traveling with other friends who I can explore with, talk with, exercise with, laugh with, and work alongside!”

Follow @mlmeddin on Instagram here for amazing pictures from her life’s beautiful journey or to reach out to her for career and mindset coaching sessions! ❤


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