6 Questions with…Aimee and Tom!


Meet Aimee and Tom and their pack of adventurers(four boys!), an awesome full-time traveller family from Australia who sold everything for their dream to be on wheels and see the world! We asked Aimee and Tom 6 questions to find out more about her life as full-time travellers and the secret for their happiness.

1. Who is @4boysandacaravan?

“We are a family of 6, Tom, Aimee and our four boys Tyler 10, Lincoln, 7, Jett 6 and Chase 3. We are a full time travelling family and have been travelling around Australia in our caravan. We sold everything we own in 2017 to live life to the fullest chasing our dreams. We are originally from Melbourne but in search of a new base to call home. We love to snorkel, surf, go bushwalking and basically anything that is outdoors.”

2. When did you get the feeling that it was time to quit your 9-5 job?

“We have always loved to travel but due to work commitments it was never for long enough. It would have been Winter in 2016 when Tom got sick of leaving home in the dark and getting home when it was dark. It was just such a routine and he never got to spend a good amount of time with his kids. When he got home it was always the same thing, dinner (argue with the kids about eating), washing the kids (arguing about getting them washed) and bedtime (always fighting to keep them in bed). It was the same thing every night and time was just going so fast that we were missing the best part of our kids being young. It was then that we put into plan to travel as a family.”

3. What is your #whypower to embark on this journey?

“Our #whypower for travelling is basically all about family time. We are savouring every minute with our kids and showing them what this world has to offer. Tom travelled around Australia with his family when he was a kid and he still has the best memories of that adventure.”

4. What is the thing you love most about your life as a full-time traveller?

“The thing we love most about travelling is exploring and discovering something new every day. The fact that we get to experience this with our kids is just huge for us. The quality time we get to spend together is something that money just can’t buy.”

5. What is your life mantra?

“Our life mantra is to live for today and not for tomorrow. You never know what is around the corner. Don’t put things off and wait for the right moment to arrive as that may never happen.”

6. How does a typical day as @4boysandacaravan look like?

“Our days can change constantly. One day we are exploring the world’s oldest rainforest. The next we are snorkelling with turtles and sharks. One thing that we try to do everyday is schooling the kids. It can be 30 mins or it can be 3 hrs. They don’t just learn from textbooks either. We try to talk to them about all the places we have visited and learn about that area or culture.”

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