6 Questions with … Gwen!


Meet Gwen, a bold and beautiful full-time traveller from Belgium who left her very stable 9-5 IT job to pursue her dreams! We asked Gwen 6 questions to find out more about her life as a full-time traveller and the secret for her Zen.

1. Who is @gwens_tagram?

“My name is Gwen, 28yo. I’m born and raised in the very small country Belgium. I have been searching for the right thing to do in life, but whatever I tried, I found that our society in Europe is expecting a lot of us,  millennials. People love money and stability. They look up to hard working and successful entrepreneurs. Some people are forcing each other into those so called perfect society ‘roles’ . And some end up hopelessly stuck in it. My last job was a nine to five one. Worked for a big IT company, had a company car and stability. Yet it didn’t make me happy. I am so glad I had the courage to follow my heart, grab my girlfriends’ hand and take her to the other side of the world. Ever since we took that decision, we have been smiling every day. We feel that we live, and we fully enjoy life. When we work, we actually do it to survive. Not the other way around like it used to be.”

2. When did you get the feeling that it was time to quit your 9-5 job?

“When I heard one manager saying to another that ‘everybody is replaceable’. And I thought: Damn yeah, so am I. Adios.”

3. What is your #whypower to embark on this journey?

“There is only one life. I want to live it without regrets.”

4. What is the thing you love most about your life as a full-time traveller?

“Living with the sun. Watching it going down every day and realizing how beautiful this world is. It makes me feel more thankful and somehow turns me into a better person.”

5. What is your life mantra?

“Follow your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t yet figured out.”

6. How does a typical day as @gwens_tagram look like?

“Kissing my favorite person in the world awake. Never missing a morning coffee. Then go and explore. Rest. Figure out if we still have enough money to explore much further. If ‘no’; make a plan to fix that problem first. If ‘yes’; enjoy every second of the day and always take a look behind the corner.”

Follow Gwen on Instagram here for amazing pictures from her beautiful journey! ❤

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