Job hunt anxiety?


Retrenched or stuck in your current job? Or are you looking for your first one? Here are a few things that have worked for me when all the job hunt related stress and anxiety creeps in. Some of these pointers may sound too obvious. But you can still use them as a reminder to yourself whenever you are feeling low or when you feel that your job search is not going anywhere. I am no expert in this 🙂 but this formula has worked for me everytime!


Define the What and Why.


Getting employed in such a competitive environment can seem to be very daunting. First up, ponder on and answer these questions:

What would you like to work as?

What is your dream job?

What industry would you like to get in?

Once you have figured out your ‘What’, focus on your #whypower.

Why do you need to find a job?

Some reasons may be too obvious : Retrenchment, Pay the bills etc. Getting into the mindset that you need to focus on finding a new job more than anything else will be a huge factor to continue driving you.


Work on your Resume.


On an average, recruiters look at your resume for less than 10 seconds to shortlist candidates that they would like to interview. Work on your resume to get noticed. Recruiters check for specific keywords that matches with the job description or listing to shortlist the candidates. Tweak your resume everytime you upload it or send it for a new opening to make sure you use similar terminology or keywords as mentioned in the job description. Instead of shooting out to hundreds of jobs, select 10 that you really love and are relevant to your profile and work on modifying your resume according to the job listing. Trends in resume formats change very often. So surf online or consult your friends for the latest ones and choose the template that impresses you the most. Get it proof-read by your friends and family, just 2 or 3 people. There might be an indentation, inaccuracy or grammatical error they might notice that saves you from a bad first impression with the recruiter.




References is what works the best to get your application noticed with recruiters and getting yourself interview calls. During social events or gatherings, jump up your networking guns. Keep in touch with your old colleagues, bosses or subordinates. They may be working in a company which has a new role you would love to apply to. There are various platforms to keep your professional relationships warm. One of them is LinkedIn. Keep your profile updated, reach out to people – not only for asking for a job but also to simply to catch up. How about meeting up over coffee! You will be surprised how many people would have gone through the same situation as you and would be willing to help you in anyway possible. Networking is the key!




When you come across a job descriptions for your dream job, read through the requirements section. Basically, look for the common skills that you need to have to be hired for that kind of a job. Identify skills that you do not have currently and focus on developing them. There are various open, free or paid platforms online and offline from where you can learn or even get  certified. There are many certificates available online for a specific skill and even lots of free videos to learn from if you don’t really want to spend. If you are currently working, try to implement these in your current job in any project. If you are not employed currently, then simply use your available time to learn and add these on to your resume, to get that niche over other candidates. Invest that time and money on yourself. Always remember, education and skill is something that no one can take away from you.




You will have those days when you are feeling really low, because your job search is not going anywhere or you are waiting too long to get an update from a recruiter. Remember, be patient! Everything happens for a reason and something good is in store for you. It’s easier said than done. But, talk to your friends, colleagues or family and you will feel less stressed. Choose the offers judiciously . If you got an offer that you don’t really like, don’t accept it. Remember whatever you choose will be a part of at least a third of your day or even more if your job is more demanding.



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